About Me

I’m a recording artist local to St. Louis and was born 08/20/1970 and discovered my creative passion for music in the early 90’s where I started a group known as 2 Rude Posse and then it changed to System VI and then SinAvEve.  I am now Ayspekt (a different spelling of the word aspect).  The final name and the name which I feel truly describes me.

The past four years have been rough for me.  My 16 year relationship ended in part due to her mother passing away and shortly thereafter her being diagnosed with breast cancer causing her to become someone else due to a midlife crisis.  Then, my new relationship after that was destroyed due to complications with the mental illnesses known as BPD and Bipolar (yes my partner at that time has both).  During that time my grandmother began to suffer with mental dementia due to old age and my mother got cancer all while I was moving out of my old 16 year relationship, dealing with BPD and bipolar, looking for employment, and supporting a new relationship emotionally and financially.

And here I am, living near St. Louis MO (Troy) indulging in my passion with the hopes of helping others in addition to myself.  You’ll find more details of my story within my music in addition to videos I’ll be posting.


Albert A. Tucker III (Ayspekt)